About Us

“If you have the power to be light to someone’s life, be it. The world needs more of that”

Who we are

The IlluMMination Foundation is a Non-profit Company with the sole purpose of giving the youth of South Africa equal and abundant opportunities for a life of success. Through various projects and community initiatives, we aim to mobilize our resources and offer future leaders the tools, facilities and continuous support to reach and maintain their full potential.

What we believe in

We promote inclusion, collaboration and transparency because we believe that encouraging external investment and the participation of our donors and peers creates an environment of skills sharing for the common goal of developing the future leaders and pioneers of South Africa.

As stakeholders, corporations and volunteers we are able to co-create and provide expertise and connections, allowing the The IlluMMination Foundation to flourish within this incubator; but most importantly, to help elevate and improve the socio-economic benefits that the Foundation will have on the community, as well as the influence that the Foundation itself will have across our country.

Muako Maepa


The IlluMMination Foundation is funded privately by our founder, Muako Maepa, through the proceeds from the sales of his cookbook “Tell Me What You Eat and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”, and additionally through generous external corporations and investments alongside the gracious donations of local businesses and individuals.

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